Custom Scottish Knitwear, Created Exclusively for You

Let's wool the world

Welcome to Woolkind. A world of beautifully soft 100% merino wool. Bespoke, sustainable, knitwear for every body.

Select a product from our range, and customise to your style and needs.

We make limited production, made to order knitwear, exclusively for you. No fast fashion. No surplus stock. No waste.

  • a black pencil with a pink eraser on the end


    You pick it, we knit it

  • a Scottish flag. the saltire

    Made in Scotland

    Manufactured by us. No one else

  • a grey cartoon sheep with a white head and black facial features. it also has black legs and a black tail.

    100% Merino Wool

    Superfine and supersoft. A superfibre

  • an image of the globe with white shapes representing pieces of land


    Caring for people, animals, and the planet

  • a white rosette with a blue star in the middle and surrounded with a black border and black ribbons at the bottom

    Quality Focused

    From sheep to shop

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Pursuing a more inclusive and sustainable fashion world

We strive for a fashion industry that takes care of people, animals, and the planet.

A move towards slower, more conscious consumption.

An industry celebrating diversity, and where no one is judged.

Find out more below.

  • pink heart with the words "harm free" written in the middle in black text

    100% ethically sourced

  • orange circle with the word "transparency" written in the middle in black text

    Simple, honest, reliable. No surprises here

  • red star with the words "people first" written in white text in the middle

    Putting people, animals, and the planet before profit

  • yellow asterisk with the words "giving back" written in the middle in black text

    Knitwear that cares

  • blue square with the word "integrity" written in the middle in black text

    Walk the talk

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