Our Process

We follow a few simple steps to ensure the highest quality in our made-to-order, bespoke knitwear - so you can continue to enjoy it year after year.

Made and hand finished in our studio in Scotland in limited quantities. Created by us exclusively for you. 

No over consumption. No stock. No waste.


Once you're at the top of the studio queue we'll load your chosen yarn colours and designs, and then knit your items on our digital knitting machine.

Our Lead Time will give an estimate of how long it may take for your items to be dispatched.

Lead Time


Once the knitting machine has done its magic, we then transfer all the stitches onto our linker by hand. Every. Single. One. (Phew!)

This ensures there are no loose ends and provides a beautiful finish.


We finish the yarn ends and attach our labels by hand for every piece of knitwear.

This also gives us an opportunity to check for any issues - ensuring the highest quality.

Your items are then washed and dried to remove any traces of oils. This transforms your custom garment into soft and fluffy knitwear that you can't help but touch.


Once your knitwear has been washed and dried, we give it a quick steam to ensure the fibres are relaxed. Like a woolly spa treatment.

It's now ready for finishing.


By finishing and carefully checking every item by hand, we ensure that each product we knit is up to our high standards.

Your custom knit Woolkind garment is now ready for its forever home!

Quality from sheep to shop.


Psst. There’s no 'itchy feeling' with Woolkind