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Woolkind launches customisable knitwear collection

Edinburgh, 18th September 2023 - Woolkind, a new Edinburgh-based customisable knitwear company, is proud to announce the launch of a limited production, made-to-order scarves collection.

Woolkind allows customers in the UK to customise a curated selection of merino wool scarves to their own style and needs, be it colour placement or for some products, size selection. Everything is made to order – the antithesis of fast fashion. So, no surplus stock and no waste.

Formed by Edinburgh-based friends and former colleagues Jane Russell and Laurence Di Sotto as an authentic alternative to poor quality, fast fashion that harms people and the planet.

“We believe the future of fashion ultimately needs to move closer to a made to order model to alleviate the extreme levels of over consumption and waste generated by this sector.”

With a vision to create beautifully soft, customisable knitwear, designed to last year after year, we have plans to expand our range into made to order sweaters and apparel, with an ethos to care for people, animals and the planet at the forefront of our processes and supply chain.

Our knitwear is made in Edinburgh using a digital knitting machine, and one of the first of its kind in Scotland, using 100% superfine merino wool. Our yarn supplier can trace their yarns back to high welfare farms, and thereafter has control over the entire supply chain and ensures the raw fibre is washed, combed, dyed, and spun to the highest environmental standards.

Labels are made in the UK using 100% organic cotton. Packaging is all reusable, recyclable and compostable. So, entirely plastic free products and made with zero waste production principles. Even the “waste” yarn is wound back up and re-used in the process.

Bespoke, sustainable knitwear for every body. Together, let’s wool the world.


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